Who doesn’t want to stay in top-notch and world-class hotels while you’re traveling? It’s essential for you to understand that all hotels don’t cater to all your requirements. One such demand is the allowance to smoke in your room. Most hotels throughout the country don’t let their guests smoke inside their rooms.

But there’s no need for you to worry. There are still numerous hotels that allow their guests to smoke by providing smoking rooms. This article will present some of the best smokers-friendly and all-inclusive hotels to know out before traveling to your next travel destination.

Why do people choose a hotel with a smoking room?

Numerous guests who are non-smokers get quite annoyed and upset with the smell of the smoke. That’s why to accommodate smokers. Some hotels keep smoking rooms—where a smoking room is permitted.
Huge business hotels, depending upon their past reservation experience, keep a small ratio of rooms available for smokers only.

What options do you have regarding hotels with smoking rooms?

If you are planning to book a hotel online, you must find a room that enables you to pick between smoking and non-smoking. There is no way to filter that in any of the main online hotel booking mediators, so you must go into every hotel yourself and check if that option exists.

For Expedia, that indicates going to every room at a hotel, check in the “More Details” section, and seeing if smoking is even an option.

Where/when do you specifically find hotels with smoking rooms?

Various business sectors are becoming more aware of the safety and healthy practices at the hotels that safeguard other non-smoking guests.

For that reason, more and more hotels in the United States are offering smoking rooms for their guests to protect all other guests from potential exposure to passive smoke anytime. Efficient smoking rooms can capture the smoke before it spreads.

They could also filter most of the toxic gases and purify smoke into the clean air. Modular smoking cabins are of utmost importance, as they can save space for the hotels and follow the changing patterns of the guests. Also, the extended benefit of having smoking rooms in hotels is to attract guests who otherwise would not be interested in visiting.

Top 5 of the best hotels with smoking rooms

1. Fairmont San Jose in California

Also known as Hollywood City, there’s no doubt that California has many things to provide to its visitors. It’s one of the most majestic cities in entire America. Having the most scenic views, this city promises you the best scenery you’ll ever see. Also, the resorts and hotels in the city are filled with great views, but the Fairmont San Jose Resort has only the best, most remarkable sceneries among the others.

This hotel is well geared with all the extravagances, and one of them is the permission to smoke inside your hotel room. In fact, you can smoke outside and inside the rooms. The resort also provides a smoking area that makes its visitors more relaxed with their individual smoking habits.

“If smoking is not allowed in heaven, I shall not go”

2. The Lowell Hotel in New York

One of the most iconic hotels in NYC, The Lowell Hotel exudes a unique aura of its own. Did you know it was considered one of the loveliest hotels in New York City? The best part here is that the hotel also presents charming interiors.

The furniture distributed inside the hotel and your rooms will certainly take your breath away. The hotel’s menu is also deliciously appetizing.

One of the amazing things about staying at The Lowell Hotel is that you can smoke in your room. You don’t need to think about going out and smoking. Instead, you can comfortably smoke inside your hotel room without getting worried about receiving a penalty.

Thus, The Lowell Hotel must be your top choice if you’re looking for the best hotels in New York with smoking rooms.

3. Hilton Chicago in Chicago

The city that shines in the night, Chicago is considered one of the best cities if you want to experience the nightlife while you’re in the United States. Are you a smoker and wish to stay in a hotel room that permits you to smoke inside a room? You must consider staying at Hilton Chicago.

In case you didn’t know yet, Hilton Chicago has some of the world’s well-experienced staff who will make your stay a memorable and worthwhile experience. Also, the food served at this hotel is very tasty.

You won’t wish to miss out on this fantastic hotel while you visit Chicago.

4. Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach, Florida

This majestic hotel is situated on the seafront in Palm Beach. The hotel lets you smoke inside your hotel room and on the balcony as well. You can enjoy your private smoke while staring at the majestic palm beach and the spectacular sunset and sunrise.

Make sure you consider checking in at Four Seasons Resort if you plan on visiting Palm Beach in the next few months.

5. City Club Hotel in New York

City Club Hotel is situated in the center of New York, only a stone’s throw away from Broadway and Times Square, both considered to be one of the best places you must visit when you’re traveling in NYC.

This extravagant hotel boasts modern rooms with free Wi-Fi in each. On top of that, the guestrooms are stylishly embellished and have a DVD player, a cable TV, and an iPod docking station, along with a dark marble en-suite bathroom.

Dining options at this hotel consist of DB Bistro Moderne serving some French and American cuisine. There’s also a room service accessible. For an extra charge, you can enjoy the high-end fitness center, too. You can find a designated smoking area in this hotel.

Conclusion best hotels with smoking rooms

There you have it! If you’re an avid smoker and traveling to the US, the above hotels are some of the bests with smoking rooms. We hope you find this guide informative and useful at the same time.