There is a common misunderstanding that you must pay top-dollar to only get the best. Indeed, some luxury properties cost a penny for the level of service you get. However, you could be shocked by just how many actually are reasonable.

A small budget does not mean you must stay in a small hotel, only if you understand how to find a good deal, pick a less costly destination, or visit in the off-season.

Why do people choose an economy hotel?

As is the case with anything in life, heading into any scenario with low expectations can result in a good surprise. Booking an economy hotel indicates expectations are unlikely to be sky-high. Oftentimes, decent Wi-Fi and a clean room are all that’s expected. In other scenarios, you might also be expecting a truly horrendous experience.

Upon arriving, you then realize that nothing could potentially live up to the horror show that was inside your mind. It might not be the ideal way of looking at it, but still, it can help.

What options do you have regarding economy hotels?

Economy hotels were designed to target the people who could only spend a minimum amount for staying. Such hotels normally have basic facilities without luxurious features. Also, they have basic facilities such as a bathroom, a clean bed, and washing facilities.

Employees, there are not experts or professionals as well. The rooms aren’t that spacious. However, that does not mean they should be cheap without any must-needed facilities. You will find numerous economy hotels with facilities such as air conditioning and television that were once offered by the luxurious hotels.

These types of economy hotels are ideal for budget travelers who aren’t eager to spend lavishly. It’s the ideal option for people traveling alone and those planning to stay for a short time.

Where do you specifically find economy hotels?

For the most part, there are economy hotels littered plenty of cities, towns, and even villages around the United States. Because of that, you will find many that are centrally located—and they are not even hostels (which are not discriminating against).

Being able to walk into town or get a quick bus is always a good bonus, and while you might have to make some sacrifices along the way, at least you understand that you will be on time for whatever it is you have scheduled on your trip.

Top 5 of the best economy hotels

1. The Broadmoor in Colorado

Would you not like to spend an arm and leg on global airfare? Then The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs is a great retreat. It is an AAA Five Diamond and Forbes 5-Star property that offers an array of upscale adventure activities embodying the American West, from fly fishing, rock climbing, and hiking to non-traditional pursuits like wilderness experiences and falconry.

Whether you love the concept of glamping or wish to stick to a more standard hotel room, this is the vacation where you will never be bored. Nights here start from $235.

“True hospitality consists of giving the best of yourself to your guests”

2. Faraway Nantucket in Massachusetts

Nantucket is a funny type of beach destination—one where you can go as much for the wide sandy beaches as you do for the gems of the towns and their history. This economy hotel in Massachusetts leans into the latter, suitably smack in the heart of the town along with bikes to bring you to the sand, but a modern design and pumping patio views to make you wish to come back again.

In a town loaded with outdoor drinking terraces, the only terrace you like to be on is at this hotel. It’s an utmost delight, with vintage umbrellas, rattan furniture, potted plants, and outdoor sofas that make it the destination for a cocktail hour. Rooms here start at $245.

3. Innes in Accord, New York

Only minutes after arriving at this rustic but elegant compound, you will realize what a welcome change it heralds for hospitality in the Catskills. This economy hotel marries throwback Americana and Scandinavian-style minimalism with its 28 cabins and 12-room farmhouse and social hub.

You will find a great restaurant in this hotel, naturally with a menu of comfort foods with shades of Middle Eastern and Italian cooking. Also, the surrounding area is a major paradise for cyclists and hikers from spring through fall.

During the winter seasons, the cabins, with their wood-burning stoves and Shaker-style furniture, are cozy refuges for unwinding under a throw and gazing out the landscape. Rooms here start at $285.

4. The Ryder Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina

Did you know that this economy hotel was inspired by the semifictional character of Jack Kerouac’s Japhy Ryder? The Charleston hotel is about shaking things a little bit and cherishing the entire journey.

You will find a welcome craft cocktail here, muddled to order and welcomed to you at check-in. When it is time for you to unwind, the La Bottega robes, airy aesthetics, and walk-in showers in the rooms got you covered.

5. Ace Hotel Brooklyn in Brooklyn

The lobby in any Ace Hotel is certainly the place to be, and its Brooklyn chain is no different. You will find public workspaces such as a plant-filled garden, a library-style table, and a moody bar space with cozy seating,

Most of the hallmarks of the hotel’s décor are present in their 287 rooms: plywood furniture offering both function and form, pops of color, and local art. However, the room design leans massively into the industrial building’s architecture, along with warehouse windows and exposed concrete.The rates per night here start at $249.

Conclusion best economy hotels in US

It’s easy to think every artisanal breakfast or in-room service comes with a thousand-dollar price tag, especially when you’re scrolling hotel accounts on Instagram. But it’s far from the case. These days, some of the most glam hotels across America provide luxurious amenities—from private outdoor bathtubs to high-end wins—all included in your nightly room rates. You will be shocked to learn worlds away from a grand.

The key here is to know where to look. Always be smart about the timing in your hotel booking to snag the best deals that feel and look expensive.