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Indoor Pool Hotel

Is there anything better in your life than spending a cozy day lounging in the sun by a pool? Perhaps not, unless your concept of the perfect pool day is floating in a bigger-than-life lazy river or simply chasing your children around the pool with a child-friendly wave pool or splash pad.

Perfect pool day

No matter what your version of the perfect pool day is, it all begins with the swimming pool. Fortunately, here in America, we have more amazing indoor pool hotels than we could ever possibly write about.

Our favorites

That being said, we have collected some of our favorites. If you’re ready to know more, let’s dive in!

Why do people choose an indoor pool hotel?

People prefer to choose an indoor pool hotel because you can easily swim indoors, even in the winter. Also, if you like privacy or simply prefer to prevent direct sunlight, an indoor pool in hotels is ideal for you.

It’s also perfect even on rainy days. When you stay at a hotel with an indoor pool, you won’t have to think about coming up with rainy day plans—simply pack up a small bag and head downstairs to their indoor pool area for a few hours.

What options do you have regarding an indoor pool hotel?

Indoor pools are considered the ultimate playroom. Think about it—one room had everything you need to lounge, dine, exercise, and entertain, from a marathoner’s ultimate dream with a lap pool and other apparatus to train for athletic competitions to an exotic indoor tropical paradise, complete with palm trees, waterslides, and waterfalls.

You see, an indoor pool becomes a hotel’s focal point, the room where everybody gravitates when visiting. But you know the best part here? You can also slip into your pool every time the mood strikes—rain or shine! How cool is that?

Where or when do you specifically find an indoor pool hotel?

You can find numerous indoor pool hotels in the United States. Most hotels open their pools until late at night to their guests. That enables their guests to access the pools whenever they wish. Also, indoor hotel pools do not just safeguard guests from weather changes, but they’re also more flexible when it comes to time.

Even though the schedule of the indoor hotel pool differs, many of them enable access until 9 or 10 PM.

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“Life is cool by the pool”

Top 5 of the best indoor pool hotel

Are you ready to know some of the best indoor pool hotels in the country? Here we gathered five of them.

1. Park Hyatt in New York

The new flagship hotel of Park Hyatt occupies the lower 25 floors of a towering, new skyscraper in the midtown of Manhattan. Situated on the 25th floor, the 65-foot indoor lap pool of the hotel features underwater speakers streaming music from Carnegie Hall.

Massive jacuzzi

It is also one of the amazing pools in Manhattan, and it has a massive jacuzzi and other loungers on the side. On top of that, the high ceilings and the floor-to-ceiling windows change the pool area into a sun-drenched sanctuary.

2. Mandarin Oriental in New York

This indoor pool hotel is situated high above the city, on the hotel’s 36th floor. The tranquil pool extends more than seventy-five feet and delivers floor-to-ceiling sights of the city below.

Keep in mind that this pool is not designed for the views, though. Instead, it was constructed for laps and provided three separate lanes for swimmers. The majestic sights of the Hudson River certainly make it worthy of a memorable swim.

Also, the luxury benches and loungers offer sufficient chance to see the sights even when you do not plan on taking a dip. The pool is always open to every hotel guest, and people of all ages can fully enjoy it, even the small ones.

If you are not a hotel guest and wish to experience this pool, you can confidently indulge in a spa treatment at the popular day spa that gains you an all-day access pass to the indoor pool without the price of accommodations. How cool is that?

3. Grand Cascades Lounge in New Jersey

This sultry indoor pool at the Grand Cascades Lounge boasts a retractable roof, among other cool features. Known as Biosphere, it features an excellent amount of lush tropical foliage throughout, together with majestic views of the surrounding mountains.

Furthermore, it also happens to feature an advanced roof that lets in 100% of the light transmission for that ultimate tanning experience. The heated pool provides a cool 140-foot waterslide and waterfalls.

Other extra features include a cave-themed room and sauna, a grotto-like jacuzzi, and an underground aquarium. You’ll also have to be a guest at the lodge to be privy to this fantastic indoor pool.

4. InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile in Chicago

Did you know that this children’s Olympic indoor heated pool was constructed in the 1920s? Situated straight above the Grand Ballroom, you can easily tell by the beautiful architecture, sophisticated tile work, and ornate stained-glass windows that are a real wonder.

It also holds an open-air type of vibe to it without the smell and stuffiness of chlorine that accompanies indoor pools. Today, this indoor pool hotel charms guests, bringing them back to a time when the popular Johnny Weissmuller trained in it.

Have we mentioned that the terra-cotta fountain of Neptune located on the east wall also remains untouched from those times? It has also become an iconic landmark in this significant hotel.

5. Royal Sonesta in Boston

This atrium-style pool is ranked one of the best in Boston, and it also happens to be one of the biggest in the region. The indoor pool measures 30 X 45 feet and boasts sliding glass walls together with a retractable roof.

During the nice weather, the roof beautifully opens, allowing you to enjoy swimming in the open-air and stunning rays on the sundeck that overlooks the Charles River.

Conclusion indoor pool hotels in US

There you have it! As you can see, there are many hotels in the US that have been built with awesome facilities. From a tropical retreat with a retractable roof to a family-friendly wave pool, you have many options to consider.

We hope you find this blog informative and entertaining. Enjoy!